Ferrari chairman Luca di Montezemolo has decreed that there will be no SUV, four-door or a smaller and more affordable car built with the Prancing Horse on its nose, squashing widespread rumours that the Maranello sportscar maker plans to expand its portfolio beyond the sports car and GT market. Pure electric cars are ruled out too, at least while he’s still in charge he said.

“It just wouldn’t fit the brand,” claimed di Montezemolo in the Autocar UK report. “Our emphasis is on our heritage and expertise. We will manufacture new models in the future, but the market position of them will always begin with where we stand with relation to our history.”

Such out-of-character cars will be handled by sister company Maserati, which has already entered the executive sedan market with the new Ghibli and will introduce a sporty SUV in the near future. Ferrari on the other hand will stick to what it knows best, with the top boss claiming that he wishes to sell fewer cars this year than the record 7,318 units they made in 2012 to preserve the brand’s exclusivity.

That’s all good but the problem is, it’s hard to define Ferrari’s current core market. While the 458 Italia and F12berlinetta are both thoroughbred Ferraris through and through, less so can be said of the company’s other models. The California is more Paris Hilton than Danica Patrick, and the FF, with its giant hatchback looks and four-wheel drive isn’t exactly what Enzo ordered.

So perhaps the more appropriate message is for Ferrari to not betray its roots/heritage/expertise any more than they already have. What’s your take on the Ferrari situation?