We know that rebadging is a bit of a dirty word around here, but it’s common practice in the industry. What’s less common however, is American giant GM putting a bow tie on a Nissan and calling it a Chevrolet. That’s exactly what happened though, as it introduced the 2014 Chevrolet City Express to the North American market.

This is a rebadge exercise in its most basic form, as only the headlights, front grille and bumper have been tweaked to pass it off as a Chevrolet. That and a fancy set of wheel covers aren’t going to fool anyone into thinking this isn’t a Nissan NV200. Or a Mitsubishi Delica D:3.

Little to no effort has been invested in the interior too. The Nissan Almera steering wheel now sports a bow tie, and there’s a customary cup holder between the seats. The rest is as per the left-hand drive Nissan NV200, which is different to the ones with the wheel on the right side.

The move is a financially viable one as Chevrolet has high demands from its fleet customers for a small commercial van. That’s not to say that the Nissan NV200 isn’t available in the US – it is, and will soon take over the role of New York yellow cabs – but remember that unlike here, buying a local brand carries positive connotations over there.