BMW has long announced that they are developing a range of smaller front-wheel drive vehicles, citing vastly improved rear cabin space compared to its more traditional rear-wheel drive offerings. And what better way to maximise the space advantage than to offer a mini MPV variant with roomy rear quarters?

We are already waiting to see the Active Tourer Concept turn into reality this September in Frankfurt as the BMW 1 Series GT in production form and now we have this – a previously unheard of, longer version of the tall hatchback captured on camera for the first time by our resident European spy photographers CarPix.

This is a BMW as you’ve never seen before. It’s all change aft of the B-pillar with longer rear doors and overhang. The rear hatch is more upright too, a la traditional MPVs which begs the question: is this a seven seater people carrier? By BMW?

These pictures are all we have to speculate over for now so we can’t yet confirm if it will indeed seat seven or whether it’s just a longer Touring variant with a larger boot. Either way, it’s interesting times indeed for BMW. Colour us intrigued.