France will be getting exclusive Nissan GT-R Gentleman Edition models, limited to just 10 units. We know what you’re thinking, but no, this is not an homage to Psy’s latest hit of the same name.

The Gentleman Edition GT-R boasts nothing more than simple badges on its wing fenders, a numbered titanium plaque on the dash, unique hand-stitched premium red leather upholstery and a bespoke leather sunglass case.

With some added luxury appendages, this limited-run special can be seen as a halfway house between the standard vehicle and the top of the range Egoist variant. Purists may even say that it’s the closest one can get to a modern day M-Spec GT-R.

It’s a bizarre move by Nissan’s French marketing team to say the least, as the GT-R is perhaps the most ungentlemanly sports car on sale today. Super fast and extremely capable yes, but refined and courteous? We think not.