Many, including us, have wondered what format Wilayah Persekutuan vehicle registration plates will take after the inevitable WYY 9999? We’re now at WYK and WYY 9999 (the letter Z is reseved for the army) is expected to roll out in July.

Why are we at the end? The Star points out that some 1.3 million new vehicles were registered last year, with Kuala Lumpur recording the highest number of new vehicles (359,239), followed by Johor (172,608) and Penang (113,340). On average, some 1,100 new vehicle numbers are recorded in KL daily, compared to about 500 in Johor and 300 in Selangor.

Well, we now have an answer. After WYY 9999, the next number will be W 1 A, followed by W 2 A, W 3 A till W 9999 A. This was revealed today by acting Transport Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein. From what we understand, the number that follows W 9999 A is W 1 B. After W 9999 B, it will be W 1 C.

Eventually when the plates reach W 9999 Y, the next plate will be WA 1 A – WA 9999 A up to WY 1 Y – WY 9999 Y. Once the two alphabet series are over, we’ll go to WAA 1 A – WAA 9999 A up to WAY 1 – WAY 9999 Y. I that should give you a clear idea of the new pattern. This means the last number in this new series will eventually be WYY 9999 Y.

Now that the new format is released, will we see a bidding frenzy for the opening W1A to W9999A sequence ala WWW? Plenty of new possibilities with an alphabet at the end – what is your dream number plate?