We were all overjoyed when the Subaru WRX Concept was unveiled in New York earlier this March, with the original PlayStation-generation in particular dreaming of the rebirth of super fast and stylish Scooby STIs. It all came crashing down shortly after when early spyshots of the production car showed none of the Concept’s verve and visual tenacity.

Now let’s see if a video of the next Subaru WRX in action with accompanying soundtrack could get your hopes back up again. Here we see a full-bodied prototype (which sadly means the design has probably been finalised) testing out on the roads, apparently being evaluated against a Mazda3 MPS.

To me, that brings the Subaru WRX down to a new low as the MPS, as quick as it is, is hardly a worthy benchmark to judge the future WRX against. A WRX should set its own standards, like it did in its heydays in the past. With no new Mitsubishi Evo on the horizon, it better set it really high too. Anybody with me on this?

The Subaru WRX is expected to offer anywhere between 265 to over 300 hp in its most potent STI form, using the 2.0 litre engine in the BRZ as a base. It should get its own direct-injection unit and hopefully a big fat turbocharger to go along with Subaru’s traditional symmetrical all-wheel drive system. Let’s just hope it can wow us with its looks too.