Unveiled over the weekend at the Monaco GP, the Renault Twin’Run Concept is a fascinating car that brings a smile not only because of its cute looks, but because of what it is – a mid-engine, sub-1,000 kg tiny race car with 320 hp going to the rear wheels!

This “concept car” is no mere motor show exhibit, but a fully functional and driveable race car, as the video above proves. The 4:53 clip also shows the Twin’Run performing the way you’d expect it to – a little bundle of fun with on-demand sideways action!

Besides the hooning around, you’ll get to hear what Renault design boss Laurens Van Den Acker has to say about the Twin’Run’s design, which is a preview of the next-gen Renault Twingo city car. The Twingo is a familiar sight in European cities, and a pleasant one too, with its small size and cute face. I like the original from the 90s, like a toy!

Click here for the full story on the Twin’Run and here to see its electric sibling, the Twin’Z.