The Euro-market second-gen Nissan Note features a raft of safety aids under the Nissan Safety Shield umbrella, comprising Lane Departure Warning, Blind Spot Warning and Moving Object Detection, which compliment the 360-degree helicopter view offered by the Around View Monitor.

The systems all run from one tailgate-mounted camera – what Nissan calls its intelligent self-cleaning rear-view camera – and so its lens must be clear of dust and dirt at all times.

The camera uses advanced algorithms that continually process more than three million pixels every second to determine when the image is obscured and even the type of grime that’s obscuring it!


For example, light dust is cleared by a blast of air from the system’s compressed air blower, mounted underneath the Note’s rear; mud is dealt with by a jet of water and then compressed air to blow it all off. In the rain, the system keeps the lens wet with a small and steady stream of water – this stops large water drops from forming and obscuring the image.

Nissan says extensive digital modelling and real-world testing has proven water consumption from the system to be minimal, drawing negligible amounts from the Note’s standard windscreen washer vessel.