The compact executive segment is about to get hotter. Not counting the fully undisguised C-Class that was snapped from a serious distance using a super zoom lense, these are the most revealing photos of the next generation W205 Mercedes-Benz C-Class yet, which sheds some disguise compared to the last time our European spy photographers spotted it earlier this month.

Hot weather testing has forced Mercedes-Benz to drop some of the disguise off the front end of this W205 C-Class prototype to improve airflow, and it allows us a clearer view of what the front end will look like. This particular unit has a two-bar sports grille, and there are a lot of cues taken from the E-Class facelift and S-Class, the latter especially.

This sport grille is pretty much the only look we’ve seen on the C-Class so far, so we’re not sure if the more traditional hood ornament and star-less grille look will be offered on the W205. The interior details of the headlamps on this car also look a little different from the white W205 we saw earlier.