Mazda USA has put up a teaser on its Facebook fan page timeline cover depicting a new Mazda car front grille with the tagline ‘game changer’, along with a June 26 unveiling date.

One possibility of what might be unveiled is the new C-segment Mazda 3 in its hatchback form. We’ve already carried various spyshots of the upcoming new Mazda 3, including one set that shows a clear view of how the interior will look like and another that shows the car 100% undisguised from a rear three-quarter view angle.

However, when we went to the Game Changer Facebook tab where the company promised exclusive content to preview the upcoming car, we saw many photos of the Mazda 6 instead, which leads us to believe it could also possibly be a high performance Mazdaspeed 6, or Mazda 6 MPS as we know it in this part of the world.

That said, it’s most likely the Mazda 3, a car which Mazda celebrated it’s first 10 years of existence this month. Based on a regular Japanese car five-year life cycle, it’s very ripe for a replacement right about now.

The unveiling will happen at 8:45pm Eastern Daylight Time, which is GMT-4. It’s about 2am EDT right now, so you can expect to read the official details of the new Mazda on this website sometime tomorrow morning.