These are the most revealing photos of the BMW i3 electric car yet, and probably one of the last sets of spy photos you’ll need to look at before the car is unveiled at the end of this month.

This grey car sports a new set of alloy wheels compared to the previous i3 test mule we spied, you can have a look at the previous design in the gallery below – it’s on the car with the blue camo covering most of the body. We also think we see what we think are LED headlamps peeking through the camo on the front.

It looks like the i3 Concept’s suicide doors have made it to the production car, as we can see a front door handle but there’s no sign of a rear one. What’s gone are the i3 Concept’s transparent doors, the doors have a more traditional design now, though we do see signs that there could be a dip in the shoulder line from the rear door onwards, increasing the height of the rear door’s windows.

The BMW i3 will be built on a new platform that BMW designed specifically for electric cars called the LifeDrive platform. This allows BMW to design the car around the electric drive system in a way that’s not limited by a traditional platform’s positioning of the engine and fuel tank.

The BMW i3 will make its global debut on July 29.