Now that the F32 BMW 4-Series Coupe has been revealed, the next target for our car paparazzi is the expected BMW 4-Series Convertible, the open top sister to the 4 Coupe and replacement for the E93 3-Series Convertible. This set of spyshots were taken just outside the BMW workshop at the Nürburgring.

Looking good in Melbourne Red (with matching red interior) and an M-Sport package, this F33 4-Series Convertible is almost as good as naked, with minimal disguise stuck on. It’s not like we don’t know how it’s going to look like – it should mostly mirror the 4-Series Coupe except for the inevitable less elegant roofline and the presence of a folding metal top.

The stickers behind the front wheels are an attempt to hide a “No.7 shaped” vent that’s also on the 4 Coupe. Like the F32, the convertible will have a wider track, a lower ride height and a longer wheelbase than the E93 Convertible it will replace.

Full details, hi-res gallery and videos of the 4-Series Coupe can be had here.