No, this is not another one of our Swift Outback April Fools hoax, though as it turns out there’s a lot we got right in that harmless jest. There’s now a real Suzuki Swift 4×4, recently added to the revamped UK lineup together with the facelifted Swift range.

Just like that fantasy pick-up of ours, the Swift 4×4 gets a raised ride height (up 25 mm), front and rear faux-skid plates and all-round black wheelarch extensions. Otherwise it looks the same as the updated third-gen Swift, L-shaped LED DRLs intact.

There’s a fully automatic and permanent four-wheel drive system matched to the 1.2 litre petrol engine and manual ‘box. A viscous coupling can now transfer some torque to the rear wheels for added traction on slippery surfaces. The Swift 4×4 weighs 65 kg more than an equivalent 2WD model, and emissions are only 10 g/km higher at 126 g/km.

So there you have it – a compact city/jungle dweller. With the Jimny mini 4×4 already on the way to Malaysia, do you think there’s a market for this new Swift 4×4 over here?