mbsm fleet customer

Mercedes-Benz Services Malaysia (MBSM) recently signed a RM3.75 million financing deal with Swift Haulage (M) Sdn Bhd to finance the logistics company’s 10 Mercedes-Benz Actros trucks through authorised Mercedes-Benz commercial vehicles dealer, Q-Team Sdn Bhd.

Swift Haulage is currently subscribed under a financing package with a five-year term and a 90% margin of financing. The insurance package offers exclusive benefits such as no excess and no loading for the first three years, acceptance of ‘A’ permit vehicles and fast claims approval.

MBSM’s flexi financing packages are customised to suit payment preferences. Among the types of packages offered include Hire Purchase Classic, Hire Purchase Balloon, Hire Purchase FlexiPay Payment Holiday and Hire Purchase FlexiPay Seasonal Payments. Additionally, insurance coverage tailored to the needs of truck customers provides peace of mind and value for money via a fast claim approval process.

“Our portfolio currently consists of 60% of non-commercial and 40% commercial customers. We look forward to expanding our portfolio in the near future. Moreover, we have new and exciting products coming up in the next twelve months,” MBSM’s MD Hilke Janssen said.

MBSM was launched in November 2012, click here to read about what they offer to the private car buyer.