PLUS Workshop on Wheels

The festive Raya season isn’t far away now, and as is the case every year, the highways won’t be short of traffic. Obviously, long journeys put your vehicle more at risk of breaking down.

You don’t want to be stranded for too long, but you don’t want to be cheated by dishonest tow trucks and workshops who charge exorbitant tow and repair rates either.

PLUS’ Workshop on Wheels (WOW) service, developed in collaboration with the Automobile Association of Malaysia (AAM), has managed to significantly reduce the number of complaints regarding unscrupulous tow trucks and workshops on the highway.

PLUS Workshop on Wheels

Before WOW existed, 42 such grievances were recorded between 2011 and September 2012, with complainants incurring losses of up to RM3,000 in each case. Since WOW’s introduction in October last year, only five complaints have been received to date.

“The WOW service is one of our continuous efforts to promote safer, smoother and more convenient travel on the highways,” said PLUS MD Datuk Noorizah Abdul Hamid. “All these efforts are aimed at giving added value to highway users.”

In the event of a breakdown on the highway, the user can call for help via the roadside Emergency Telephones or through PlusLine 1-800-88-0000. A PLUSRonda team will then be despatched to the scene to inspect the vehicle and conduct minor repairs such as tyre changing, free of charge. If major repairs are required, the PLUSRonda team will enlist the help of a WOW unit.

Left: Part replacement charges (labour included). Right: Subsequent towing charges. Click to enlarge.

A WOW van carries spare parts including batteries, radiators, alternators, brake pads and spark plugs, estimated replacement charges of which are shown in the above left table. Work will be carried out either on site or at other safe locations on the highway. Towing from the breakdown location to the nearest services or rest areas are free of charge.

If even more thorough work is needed on the vehicle, it will be towed to WOW workshops outside the highway. For PLUSMiles and AAM card holders, this is free for the first 35 km (from breakdown location to workshop and back). Subsequent towing charges are as depicted in the above right table. Users may choose to send their vehicles to their preferred workshops at their own cost.

Since the implementation of the 24/7 service, 3,387 breakdown cases have been successfully attended to. At present, there are 17 WOW teams on the North-South Expressway, the Penang Bridge and the Second Link highway. Visit for more information.