When summer comes, the camo on prototype cars come off. Here’s a latest look at Porsche’s upcoming ‘baby Cayenne’, the Porsche Macan SUV. There’s less disguise on the car now, and although there are plenty of more subtle trickery used by Porsche to hide how the car looks like, if we look past the disguise we can make out more details of how the Macan will look like.


Based on the Audi Q5‘s platform, the Porsche Macan’s side profile is coupe-like, with the roof sloping down at the rear. There are fake stickers pasted on various parts of the Macan prototype such as the headlamps, the tail lamps and the C-pillar, to disguise the actual shape of the car’s features, but they’re semi transparent so you can look through the stickers to see the real details.


Through the fake Cayenne tail lamp stickers we can see that the tail lamps are less Porsche Cayenne, more Porsche 911 – slimmer and wider. Enjoy the big gallery of spyshots below.