It looks like the ‘floating tablet’ style COMAND display that you can find in the A-Class and B-Class is going to move up the Mercedes-Benz range, as we can see in this first photo of the interior of the upcoming W205 Mercedes-Benz C-Class. The new design is a huge departure from the current W204 C-Class facelift which neatly places the COMAND display under a hood that extends over the instrument panel.

The upcoming W205 loses the W204’s button-filled dashboard for a neater row of switches very much like the style found in the W221 S-Class. Below that is the disc slot. That’s a regular gear lever we see instead of a column mounted shifter, and behind that is the COMAND dial. The home, star and back buttons seem to be integrated in the palm rest of the COMAND dial, and perhaps the palm rest could be hiding the numerical keypad that’s now missing from the dashboard.

We also see a regular analogue instrument cluster, but there’s a high res colour multi-info display between the speedo and rev meter. We don’t see any analogue fuel and temperature gauges so those must be integrated in the small display that we see in the lower half of the speedometer. There’s a new three-spoke steering wheel design as well – it’s not the same as the ones found in the current batch of Mercedes-Benz on sale, however not identical to the one we saw in the S-Class Coupe.

Enough about the interior – plenty of exterior shots to be found in the gallery as well. Enjoy.