If you’re both a tech geek and a motorhead like I am, you’ll definitely appreciate this video, made by the Transmission Lab of Weber State University’s Automotive Technology Department.

It’s a pretty long clip that takes us through the Toyota Prius Hybrid’s eCVT transaxle and how exactly the combination of the internal combustion engine, Motor Generator 1, Motor Generator 2 and Power Split Device – which are all collectively called Hybrid Synergy Drive – move the car. There’s no actual CVT transmission in this car – gear ratios are emulated by MG1, MG2 and the PSD.

If you don’t have half-an-hour, you can skip to the 17 minute mark and watch the remainder of the video, as that’s where MG1 and MG2 are assembled together and the video shows how they interact with each other. The internal combustion engine is represented by a flywheel.

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