Audi A3 MPV by Theophilus Chin

Audi has given its first ever MPV (Theophilus Chin‘s speculative renderings shown) the go-ahead, and it could take on the name V4, according to Autocar UK.

The report adds that a concept has already been built, but a decision hasn’t yet been reached on whether it will go to the upcoming Frankfurt show.

We’ve reported that the vehicle will sit on an elongated MQB platform, and the latest talk is that it will be offered as a five- or seven-seater. Powerplants should be borrowed from the Audi A3 range.

Audi A3 MPV by Theophilus Chin

In 2006, Audi brought the Roadjet to the Detroit show, a concept that came closest to showing us what an Audi people-carrier could look like. Although nothing concrete came out of it, the high-roofed hatchback was the first model to feature a direct-injected 3.2 V6 FSI and the seven-speed DSG.

The production Audi A3 MPV (or Audi V4, as the case may be) could surface sometime in 2016. The current-gen Audi A3 is offered in three-, four- or five-door bodystyles.