Tata Motors will finally begin its entry into the Indonesian market this September, doing so at the upcoming Indonesian International Motor Show in Jakarta. The Indian automaker will use the show to launch the brand in the country, the Nikkei reports.

It displayed the Nano compact at last year’s show, and had also announced last year its intent to enter the market in 2013. Tata says it plans to have seven to nine models – from compact cars to commercial vehicles – in that market by the end of 2014.

The report didn’t mention which models were slated to enter the market, but the carmaker has a variety of models it can call on besides the ubiquitous Nano, ranging from the Vista, Indica and Safari Storme SUV to the Xenon pickup.

Pricing was also not disclosed, but the report indicates that the Tata offerings will be equal to or cheaper than those for similar Japanese models. The company is aiming to open six dealerships in the country by the end of 2013, with plans to increase the number to 15 next year and to 60 within the next five years.

Tata is also planning to build an assembly plant in Java, and is in the process of establishing a local supplier network to bring the ratio of locally-sourced parts to around 40%, the report added. Indonesia will be the second ASEAN country to begin selling Tata passenger vehicles – the Nano made its ASEAN debut in Myanmar back in May.