We saw BMW M tease their upcoming product earlier this week in a video that depicted a car painted in what looks like the classic E46 M3 Phoenix Yellow paintjob. A pretty appropriate colour since the E46 M3 was the last M3 to feature six-cylinder power. Ignoring of course the fact that the last M3 was a coupe and the equivalent car today is going to be called the M4.

Today we have a new view of the M4 Coupe, which has lost some of the disguise that it was wearing the previous times it was photographed. Today’s shots allow a very clear view at the M4’s wide body – look at that massive bulging arch over the rear wheels.

Other differences spotted over a regular 4-Series include a powerdome on the hood, bespoke M wing mirrors, quad exhausts at the rear with an exposed muffler box, a unique front grille that arranges the slats in pairs, and a unique bumper that inverts the shape of the M Sport’s central air intake with a wider bottom instead of a wider top. This car still wears disguise on the roof, which likely hides its carbon-fibre weave.

Below the set of five photos of the M4 Coupe you will find another set of five photos of the M4 Cabriolet. The Cabriolet is still wearing lots of disguise so its introduction is still probably far off.