skoda ice cream

The scorching summer is well underway in Britain – but this ain’t your regular Mr Whippy. Skoda has launched the world’s biggest ice cream van at Great Yarmouth in Norfolk, where it served free ice cream to local children.

With five-foot monster truck wheels “to cope with the toughest UK beach terrains,” we’re surprised the 5.5-tonne, 21-foot tall leviathan didn’t make the children scream (not for ice cream). It took a team of engineers over three weeks to build, and boasts four mega speakers to announce its arrival – as if you couldn’t see the dessert storm from a mile away.

The van actually stars in the new advert for the new Skoda Octavia RS (vRS in the UK), which debuted recently at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. The commercial will also feature other souped-up versions of everyday gadgets including a giant toy trike, a lawnmower with multiple exhaust pipes and flaming go-faster stripes, and the vRS Mega Man-Pram.

“The Octavia vRS is not your average family car, so we created an ice-cream van that is also far from average!” explains Skoda UK marketing head Heidi Cartledge. “The giant ice cream van will be touring the UK handing out up to 6,500 servings of free ice cream, offering members of the public a fun sense of what you could experience if you vRS’d your life.”

6,500 servings – that’s a load of ice cream. Thanks Skoda UK, now I’ve got a craving that can only be satisfied by the neighbourhood uncle with a little fridge mounted on the back of his little motorcycle.