After a massive overhaul of build quality and looks, Hyundai is now on a mission to improve the driving dynamics of its cars and the next generation Hyundai Sonata will hopefully gain some of these improved traits to win the approval of lovers of ‘driver’s cars’ around the world.

We’ve already seen spy photos of Hyundai testing the next generation Hyundai Sonata near the vicinity of the Nurburgring, but today we can show you a spy video of the car in action on the ‘Ring, offering a better multi-angle view of how the next gen car will look like.

You can expect to see more Hyundais on the ‘Ring from now on, as Hyundai is now operating a dedicated test centre at the famous track, which it built at the cost of 5.5 million euro. The test base will support the Hyundai R&D centre in Russelsheim.