With the current-generation Hyundai Sonata first appearing in 2009, We’re looking at a possible 2014 or 2015 introduction for the next-generation Sonata, and development is of course already underway. Here is a first view at what the next-generation Hyundai Sonata will look like, a camo-ed prototype unit snapped around the vicinity of the Nurburgring.

This car is most likely heading to the track as the driver (but not the passenger?) in the car is wearing a helmet, and you can even see roll bars inside. Hyundai’s test centre at the Nurburgring is due for completion this month, and will support Hyundai’s Russelsheim R&D centre.

It will help Hyundai tune in good ride and handling for its next-generation cars, and if Hyundai manages to achieve what they want to achieve, journalists will be talking about the next-generation Sonata being a ‘driver’s car’.

As you can see from the photos, the new Sonata gets a new more upright grille. This is no doubt because of pedestrian crash test regulations, as the current grille is actually quite sloped. The shape of the roof remains coupe-like, but the upright grille gives the prototype an overall stockier and more masculine look. You can see just a bit of the rear tail lamp graphics through the thick black disguise.