Datsun_Go+_ 003

The reborn Datsun range has two members, starting with the GO hatchback, and now the GO+ MPV that was unveiled in Indonesia a few days ago. Here they are again in the flesh, as pictured from the on-going IIMS in Jakarta.

Seen side-by-side, the cost-cutting measures between the two related models are very obvious. They are identical from the nose right up to the C-pillar. The MPV even shares the same rear doors with the smaller hatchback. Now, the GO’s oddly upright rear doors make more sense.

They are also built on the same exact platform, which is sourced from the existing Nissan March/Micra. As such, the seven-seat MPV has a very short wheelbase that measures at just 2,450 mm. The similar-natured Honda Mobilio, for instance, has a 2,650 mm-long wheelbase.

Datsun_Go_ 002

It won’t be the roomiest MPV around then, that’s for sure. Fortunately, it will have price on its side – the GO+ will go on sale next year in Indonesia at a starting price of below 100 million rupiah (RM29,000), while the Mobilio will cost at least 50% more. That’s a huge price advantage.

In Indonesia, however, the two models may have to undergo (pardon the pun) name changes, as models under the Low Cost and Green Car (LCGC) programme are required to have a specific Indonesian name. That’s why the LCGC-conforming Honda Brio has a Satya suffix, and the Suzuki Karimun is named after one of the country’s many islands.

Read about the Datsun GO+ MPV and GO hatchback in more detail – you’ll find official interior pictures as well videos of the two models there.