savvy merdeka promo

No, it’s not something we conjured up – what you see in the headline is actually the tagline for the Proton Savvy Merdeka Celebration. I think I’d have worded it a bit differently than “Bring your Proton Savvy back to life,” but hey, nothing beats getting straight to the point, I guess.

The campaign to resurrect your Savvy, assuming that it needs to be brought back to life in the first place, began at the start of the month and runs until Dec 31, and is being held to encourage Savvy owners to come to Proton centres to service their car.

savvy merdeka promo 2

Discounts on selected Savvy parts are to be had, from 10% up to 84% – the most expensive item on the list is the AMT JH1 gearbox, which is priced at RM9,215 after a 27% discount off the retail price, while the item that gets the biggest lop off is the connecting rod kit, at RM523 after a 84% discount.

The promotion is running nationwide at all Proton service centres, and this includes branches and dealers, so you know where you can go to get the revival act done on your car. Frankly, “Revitalise your trusted Proton Savvy” or even “Fix an old friend up today” would have sounded a tad better, but hey, I’m no marketer.