perodua-gma-space-klims 141

Perodua’s focal display at KLIMS13 may be the Global Model Sedan (GMS) Buddyz concept, a design study exploring the potential of going down the four-door sedan path, but there are equally interesting items on show at the automaker’s stand at the event.

The GMA Space (Global Model A Segment Space) looks unassuming enough, being a doorless shell showcasing an interior package presented in a monotone scheme. Don’t let the approach fool you though, because this one essentially previews the Viva replacement model‘s interior.

The company touts the study’s form as one providing ample luggage and cabin room, and based on sight alone, the volumetric scope looks much improved over that in the Viva. The dashboard line flow is kind of intriguing too – think Daihatsu Ayla and you’ll see some familiar elements and design cues.

perodua-gma-space-klims 150

So, does this mean that the VRM will be based on the Ayla (and Toyota Agya) and not the Mira e:S? The scope of the concept’s cabin seems to suggest so. We’ve seen what an approximation of what the VRM will look like if it’s indeed the Ayla that provides the donor design – Theophilus Chin rendered the VRM last month, using the Agya as the basis.

The successor to the Viva is set to be launched in the late third quarter of 2014, and will feature an aluminium engine. It’ll be built at Perodua’s new factory, which is located adjacent to its existing plant in Sungai Choh, north of Rawang. The facility is scheduled to become operational next October.