Toyota will be showing a trio of Aqua concepts at this year’s Tokyo Motor Show. Malaysians are already acquainted with the Toyota Aqua – it is called the Toyota Prius c in Malaysia.

This green Aqua is the Toyota Aqua Cross concept, which slaps some offroader styling bits onto the Aqua. The interior trim is black, contrasted with green stitching and piping.

The second concept is the Toyota Aqua Air, which is the Aqua with a roadster style body. Could Toyota be looking at building a small hybrid roadster like the Aqua Air?

The interior is similiar to the standard Aqua’s, except that the rear legroom appears to be smaller and there are colour coded bits that match the car’s exterior paint.

Finally, the Toyota Aqua G Sports concept straps on a bodykit, a sports suspension and adds some sporty bits to the interior.

Is Toyota looking to expand the Aqua/Prius c range? These could be concepts to gauge public acceptance before putting more work to turn them into production cars.