honda-s660-concept-tms 008

You just can’t stop the Beat. The Honda S660 Concept, which has made its debut at the ongoing Tokyo Motor Show, owes much of its rakish and energetic shape to the EV-STER Concept from the same show two years ago, but eschews the latter’s electric powertrain for a 64 hp 660 cc three-cylinder turbo and a CVT.

The Honda S660 concept previews a production kei roadster that’s set to go on sale in Japan in 2015, when it will very possibly go up against the production version of the Daihatsu Kopen Concept, which also premiered here. Like their spiritual Copen and Beat predecessors, the Daihatsu’s front-engined and FWD while the Honda’s mid-engined and RWD.

The white-on-black “Super Cockpit” interior is driver- and performance-oriented – there are touch-sensitive surfaces, a concave-bottomed three-spoke steering wheel, lots of carbon fibre detailing and what appears to be F1-style shift lights above the electronic instrument panel. Kopen or S660? You decide.