Suzuki Crosshiker TMS 1

This is the Suzuki Crosshiker, a compact crossover study on call in Tokyo. The debutant is the spiritual successor to the Regina compact hatch concept that was shown at the TMS two years ago. The expressive exterior form, the automaker says, suggests the flow of the wind, with a wide body and compact glass cabin lending the vehicle strong visual impact.

The two-door Crosshiker, which measures in at 3,650 mm long, 1,695 mm wide and 1,540 mm tall, inherits the Regina’s philosophy of being “eco-friendly on the inside, while having a design with personality.”

Weighing in at 810 kg, it’s 80 kg heavier than the Regina, but is equipped with a larger 996 cc litre three-cylinder Dual-Jet engine (the Regina had an 800 cc turbo mill) – the newly-developed unit features Ene-Charge II regeneration and idling auto start/stop, and is paired with a CVT gearbox.

Plenty of layering effects on call in the cabin, with the dashboard and seats displaying the theme quite evidently – red accents provide contrasting highlights. Of note is the particle interface in front of the driver – the infotainment system operates via voice command, and selects that chosen by the user from the many icons that appear as small particles floating on the screen.