This new video of the 2015 Subaru WRX has its product general manager, Masuo Takatsu, explain at lengths the inner workings of his new rally-bred baby. You’ve seen the new Scooby in action here, and now it’s time to find out the work that has been done to make all that possible.

One of the major improvements introduced in the latest WRX, according to Takatsu-san, is its steering. Adapting the concept “Pure Power in your Control,” the steering response has been “dramatically improved.” and is now on par with that of European sports cars.

Stability too has been “considerably enhanced,” with a sharper turn-in employed thanks to the new car’s better rear grip. The rear axle is now said to be the centre of rotation (the point where the car revolves around in turns), which makes powerslides easier to control.

A more rigid body is now paired to the stiff suspension needed for such a high-performance application. The extra stiffness of the body allows the harder suspension to work better, without affecting ride quality. That last part is quite amusing, as we didn’t know that past WRXs were known for their luxurious ride comfort :).