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The National Automotive Policy (NAP 2014) thankfully did not include any Vehicle End of Life Policy as previously speculated. However, there was a mention of something called VVI, or Voluntary Vehicle Inspection, which from what we were briefed, was still under development.

As of now, Voluntary Vehicle Inspection will apply to cars over the age of five years and is aimed at improving road safety in Malaysia. Inspection centres will not be limited to any one agency or company like Puspakom, but didn’t go into details as to how many companies will be appointed, what was the procedure to apply to be certified as one of these companies, or any other details. However, since Puspakom already exists, it would be no surprise if they will eventually be one of the inspection centres.

There will be a cost to the inspection of course. And since it is voluntary, the government intends to implement some kind of ‘carrot’ to incentivise people to go for inspections. We learned last week that one of the proposals being fielded now is to have some kind of road tax rebate if you send your car for inspection, assuming you pass the inspection of course.

Of course, this is all just at the proposal stage. There is a general vagueness of the NAP as a whole and many things are just mentioned at a top of the line stage without going into any detail whatsoever.

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