So the full duty exemption for all imported electric vehicles and hybrids with engines displacing 2.0 litres and under is no more. What, then, is the current status of CBU hybrids in the Malaysian market? What models are still available to buy, and how much would you now have to pay for one?

We’ve made some calls around a few dealerships to reveal that a good number of CBU hybrid models are already out of stock at present, and those that are still available are in limited supply.

You’d think you’d have to pay more now that the exemptions have been discontinued, but actually many carmakers are currently offering discounts and rebates to quickly clear stocks; also on account of the fact that you’re buying models manufactured in 2013.

Toyota Prius Both trim levels, limited stocks RM7k discount
Toyota Prius c Out of stock
Honda Insight Stocks very limited RM7k discount
Honda CR-Z Stocks available for auto only RM9k discount
Honda Civic Hybrid Out of stock
Nissan Leaf Out of stock currently, to be replenished Price revision being discussed
Nissan Serena S-Hybrid Limited stocks, enough for Q1 2014 RM8k discount
Mitsubishi i-MiEV Limited stocks
Lexus CT 200h Out of stock
BMW ActiveHybrid 3 Out of stock
BMW ActiveHybrid 5 Out of stock
Audi A6 Hybrid Out of stock

We were also informed that the Lexus CT 200h would probably cost from RM240k without the excise duty rebates, so bringing it in again as a CBU without any incentives is not likely to be in the plans. The discounts mentioned here apply at time of publishing and may end at any time.