Ford Everest SUV 4

The second-generation Ford Everest has been soldiering on since 2006 (here, from 2007), with the latest facelift coming about last year. A third-gen replacement based on the T6 Ranger is supposed to be due out this year.

Last year, a number of Ranger test mules with a Ford Territory tail-end slapped on them were seen running trials on public roads around Melbourne. Now, our European spy photographers have caught this Everest evaluator doing cold weather testing on the Continent.

The rear end is a bit of a hatchet job, and far from the final product, an inkling of which is provided by the Ford Everest Concept that broke cover last August. The new Australian-penned seven-seater finally moves away from looking like a Ranger with a tail slapped on.

When it finally goes into production, the T6-based Everest will be built at Ford’s plant in Rayong, Thailand. Like the T6 Ranger, the Everest will be an oil burner and come in two- and four-wheel drive configurations.