subaru viziv 2

Last year, the Subaru VIZIV Concept premiered in Geneva, and the 2014 edition of the Swiss show will see the Japanese automaker showcasing something along the same lines thematically, in this case the VIZIV 2.

No details as yet on version two (or three, if you count the VIZIV Evolution that was on call at last year’s Tokyo Motor Show) of the ‘Vision for Innovation’ design form – there’s just the single sneak peek sketch here and a line that says the vehicle is a future-generation crossover design study. Oh well, we’ll be able to reviziv everything in greater detail soon enough.

The first VIZIV was a two-door, four-seat hybrid crossover study powered by a Hybrid SI-Drive system made up of a 2.0 litre boxer diesel engine, a high-torque-compatible Lineartronic (CVT) transmission and a front motor providing both vehicle drive and power generation, with two independent rear motors helping to drive things along.