The Honda Civic SE (Special Edition) has popped up on Honda Malaysia’s website with two available flavours – Mugen and Modulo. What’s so special about it? Not much, really. It’s essentially two new variant ranges, packaging in either the Modulo full bodykit or Mugen aerokit packs at lower prices than before.

Purchased separately, the Modulo and Mugen packs would cost RM4,670 and RM7,600 respectively. Now, under the Civic SE package, the premiums have been reduced to just under RM1,800 and RM5,800 each. Prices of the cars themselves stay as before, but there are savings to be made if you fancy the official bodykits.

The Honda Civic SE Modulo variants are priced at RM117,790 (1.8S), RM133,790 (2.0S) and RM138,790 (2.0 Navi), while the sole Tafetta White-only Civic SE Mugen 2.0S retails for RM137,090. All prices are inclusive of insurance. As before, the Mugen pack does not include the alloy wheels pictured, and the door visors are sold separately.