The X-Type is back, or rather the car that represents the Jaguar in the C-Class/3 Series segment. The new name for Jaguar’s entrant in that jungle is the Jaguar XE, giving it progression in alphabetical order in terms of vehicle segment next to the XF and XJ.

Of course, rumours that this was what the new car was to be called were already very strong before today’s announcement, as Jaguar had filed the name for trademark in 2008.

When it is launched in 2015, the Jaguar XE will be the first car based on Jaguar’s new advanced aluminium architecture which was showcased in the C-X17 concept car. This is a big departure from how the X-Type was built, which was essentially based on a front wheel drive Ford Mondeo platform.

Power will come from a new family of engines called Ingenium, which will include a 2.0 litre turbo petrol engine that will replace the current Ford-sourced motor.

We only have one photo of the exterior of the XE for now showing the front end of the car. There’s also the teaser video you can see above, alongside naked photos of the underpinings. It will not be shown at Geneva, but more will be revealed later this year.

The XE will have plenty of German and Japanese rivals when it goes to market, so it’s going to have to put up quite a fight. We’re eager to find out how it’ll fare.