Jaguar XJ facelift

Facelifts galore of late – our peeping Toms from the Continent have also sighted the facelifted Jaguar XJ. The X351 hasn’t changed its clothes much in its four years of existence, and looking at these spyshots, it seems it’s not about to break that tradition.

But that front and rear camouflage is not there for no reason. We can see a new front bumper design with restyled ‘blades’ that sit within enlarged intakes, and the rear bumper seems to be different – are those oval tailpipes, for a start?

Reports speculate some changes in the cabin of the big cat, but expect the powertrain menu to keep calm and carry on. The car’s expected to surface next year; more details should emerge as time goes by.

Since it began production in 2010, the X351 Jaguar XJ has gone through revisions in 2011, 2012 and 2014, concerning the areas of equipment, powertrain and interior. This would be the first time it’ll look different, but anything beyond a minor makeover would surprise us, truth be told.

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UPDATE: New spyshots added – see both the facelift and current model, side-by-side.