kia proceed gt 21

You know the thing about saying something is designed specifically for a certain market? Well, taking things out of a much-shouted designated loop is becoming more commonplace, by the looks of it – case in point, Hyundai’s VF wagon, otherwise known as the i40 Tourer. Supposedly ‘dedicated for Europe’, we’ve seen its entry here.

Then, there’s this one, the Kia pro_cee’d GT. The standard five-door cee’d and three-door pro_cee’d is exclusive to Europe, and so, you would think, would be the likes of the pro_cee’d GT performance version. Well, not quite – the car is heading out of Europe, to a single export market, in this case Australia.

The 201 hp and 265 Nm three-door hot hatch has been announced for the country, and the 1.6 GDI turbocharged GT will be available Down Under in base GT and GT Tech forms, the latter adding in extra kit such as panoramic sunroof and push-button ignition.

kia proceed gt 18

Like the TF Optima which arrived there in 2011, the Australian-spec pro_cee’d GT will feature a different suspension tune than the European version, revised to best suit conditions of the country’s blacktop. Changes to the damper/springs calibration as well as a specific steering mapping supposedly makes for a sportier, yet more compliant offering.

Now, imagine this Korean pocket rocket being sold here – prior to this, such an idea might sound far fetched, but these days, it looks very much a case of never saying never, or exclusive. Since we’re on the topic, do you think there’d be decent take up for the pro_ceed GT here? Not that it’s likely to happen, of course.