Just days after the Mercedes-Benz Coupe SUV Concept was showcased at Auto China 2014, Stuttgart’s engineers have begun testing a prototype of the production car on public roads.

We’ll call this one the ML Coupe for now, as we don’t know what the production car will be called. Current Mercedes-Benz naming schemes are a bit mixed up – it could be a CLM – a four door coupe version of the M-Class, like how the CLA is to the A, or the M-Class Coupe, a coupe version of the M-Class, just like the E-Class Coupe to the E-Class. Or it could be something else altogether!


Although still heavily disguised, we can see that the rear end of this new BMW X6 competitor will have the S-Class Coupe-style design, which will differentiate it further from the ML.

Mercedes-Benz is late to the game with this one – we’re about to see the launch of the second generation of the hugely popular BMW X6 and they’re just testing the first generation of their competitor now. Let the battle of the coupe SUVs begin!