The world’s favourite ‘sports activity coupe’ is coming back in its second generation incarnation, and we have a first look at it here. Although still wearing heavy disguise, we expect the F16 BMW X6 to use a similiar formula to the third generation X5 – an evolution more than a revolution, with a focus on increased comfort and luxury.

This prototype has LED headlamps, which like the new X5 meet with the kidney grille in the middle. The outer edge of the headlamps look different from the ones on the new X5, but as this is a prototype this might not be the final product. The shape of the engine hood also looks like the same as the new X5.

On the rear we have a view of the new tail lamps, which have been revamped to feature prominent glow bars that turn upwards towards the edges. The trapezoidal tailpipes neatly tucked into the rear bumper that we see here indicate this is most likely the xDrive50i version, as the 6 cylinder tailpipes normally have a different shape. There is a hint of the muscular pontoon-like curve over the rear wheelarch that meets the tail lamps, a design feature that we also saw on the X4.

As the X6 was just facelifted in 2012, it could be some time until BMW unveils the production X6. Or who knows, they might just shorten the current X6’s lifespan to bring the two cars lifecycle more ‘in sync’?