youngman-lotus-l3-gt-gold-beijing 095

Our photographers at Auto China stumbled upon this rather… amusing gold Youngman Lotus L3 GT sedan while finishing up their run of the show, and sent us these pictures to pique our interest.

Having a case of déjà vu? This is of course a rebadged version of the Proton Persona – part of the national carmaker’s strategic partnership with Youngman, which sees the Chinese manufacturer paying royalties in exchange for Campro engines as well as CKD kits of the Persona and Gen2 (the latter is sold as the L3).

youngman-lotus-l3-gt-gold-beijing 092

Using our familiar family sedan as the base, Youngman then threw on an absurd wide bodykit (which we had already seen at Auto Guangzhou back in 2010). Race-inspired details abound, including bonnet pins and quad exhaust tips, and the boot lid is topped off with a rear wing tall enough to be used as a hurdle.

Added to that, the car is then wrapped in this blinding gold chrome finish, which Youngman obviously thinks Chinese customers would like. So, what do you think – does this give Brothers a run for its money, or is this something even the most extroverted individual would hide from?

Live pix by Moy Yew-Meng and Kwek Chai Li