ford falcon fpv gt f

Still more than two years before Ford Australia ceases local manufacturing of its market-specific models such as the Falcon, Falcon Ute and Territory SUV, and so there’s time to come out with celebration models before the curtain drops.

One such item is the Falcon FPV GT F, which was announced last month and due out in June – the F suffix stands for a “Final” designation for the GT sedan. Production will be limited to just 550 units (500 for Australia, 50 for New Zealand), each individually numbered.

Plenty of homage cues to be found in the FPV GT farewell. Aside from tracing some of its visual cues to past GTs, the GT F will revive a 351 badge in honour of the famous Falcon 351 GT of the ‘70s, which had a 351-cubic-inch 5.8 litre V8 to give it its particular moniker.

Now, the power output has been revealed. The current car will pay tribute to the old with its metric power output from its supercharged 5.0 V8, with 351 kW (471 hp) and 570 Nm on tap. With 21 hp more than the Falcon GT RSPEC that was released in 2012, the GT F is set to have the honour of being the most powerful Falcon GT ever.

The car, which will sit on 19-inch wheels and 275/35 tyres, will also sport GT F 351 badging, with inset orange colouring on the -‘GT’ script part of the badge, harking back to Ford’s heroic race-bred GTs. Plenty of life in this bird yet, by the looks of it.