smart’s all-new model lineup is said to be introduced to the world in mid-July 2014, which is about a month’s time away. The new fortwo would be the third-generation model since it was first conceived, while the forfour didn’t get a second generation model.

The new smart lineup will once again be built on a shared platform, with the donor this time being the rear-engined Renault Twingo. The forfour will also be rear engined this time, unlike the first-generation forfour which used a front-engined platform.

We have a glimpse into the new forfour’s interior too. The steering wheel is similar in design to new Mercedes-Benz steering wheel designs like the one in the new C-Class, but has a funkier design for the steering-mounted buttons. There’s also a full-colour digital instrument panel seen.

Mercedes-Benz Malaysia is still keeping an open mind about the reintroduction of the smart brand in Malaysia for now, which is why some Mercedes-Benz dealerships still have ‘legacy’ Smart signage up.