A teaser video of the next-generation smart fortwo and forfour, slated to be unveiled at the Paris Motor Show later this year, has been released. And while the cars feature no less camouflage than before, you do get a better sense of the car’s design and size in motion.

Recorded at an Arctic testing facility in Sweden at the end of a 14-day winter testing programme, the film shows chief engineer Markus Riedel claiming that the new microcars are “ready to be launched”, adding that they are “fun to drive”.

As previously reported, the next fortwo will be based on the new rear-engined, rear-wheel drive Renault Twingo that was unveiled in Geneva in March, and is also expected to be powered by the same three-cylinder engines – a 70 hp/91 Nm 1.0-litre naturally-aspirated unit and a 90 hp/135 Nm 898 cc turbocharged unit.

The forfour will also move to the same platform as the fortwo for the first time, making it much more closely related to the two-seater than the Mitsubishi Colt-based previous model. Riedel said the new forfour “will be a real smart – a fortwo but for four people”.