As revealed in our exclusive behind the scenes preview, BMW has been busy cooking up a new product feature video showcasing the feisty BMW M235i – no M2 Coupe here, despite what some may have thought from BMW M’s Facebook teaser earlier. The video, called The Epic Driftmob, is now completed and had its online-exclusive debut via BMW’s YouTube channel moments ago.

It was shot in Cape Town, South Africa slightly over a month ago, and we were privileged to be the only media outlet from Asia to check out the production. The Epic Driftmob features the nimble 326 hp coupe being put through a drift sequence on public roads by some of the world’s best stunt drivers, including Rhys Millen, Rich Rutherford, Samuel Hubinette, Conrad Grunewald and Daijiro Yoshihara.

These drivers have worked on many Hollywood blockbusters including The Fast and The Furious franchise, Iron Man 2, Transformers 3 and Drive, among other movies. The entire sequence was choreographed by the experienced Riley Harper and Mic Rodgers. By the way, the action is 100% real, without any camera tricks, as witnessed by yours truly on location.

The objective of this video is to help reinforce the position of the BMW M235i as one of Munich’s best driver’s cars. We’ll just let the video do the talking from here. Trust me, you’ll want to hit the play button, as this is one of the best drift choreographies ever made!

BMW also released two spin-off videos, including the making of The Epic Driftmob and another clip featuring drift champion Ryhs Millen behind the wheel of the coupe. After viewing them all, check out our behind the scenes report here, from our time at the ground on the production location.

The hottest 2 Series is not on sale in Malaysia, but the 220i is, available in both base and Sport lines. Check out specs, prices and photos here: BMW 2-Series Coupe at

Exclusive behind the scenes images from Cape Town