As markets around the world are preparing for the introduction of the new compact Honda HR-V, its popular bigger brother has not been forgotten. Honda continues development testing of its fourth-gen CR-V facelift, and in this latest set of spyshots, we see it conveniently being trailed by the current pre-facelift model, allowing us to easily compare the changes that have been applied to the RM.

This time, the prototype is a silver car – we first saw a dark grey prototype in June. We can see that the front end will get a new look – the three-bar chrome grille is set to be replaced by a sportier two-bar version that exposes more air intake area. We can see that the fog lamp has also been redesigned to have a rectangular lens cover, as opposed to the pre-facelift car’s round lens.

From the side, it can be seen that the CR-V gets a new Shuriken-like alloy wheel design. This is a common theme that Honda has also used on its Odyssey MPV as well as the new City. There are also some changes to the rear, but everything’s taped up, so no further details can be seen for now.