Jaguar has revealed a short clip showing off most of its model range, which culminates with a brief but important shot of the new Jaguar XE – which is set to have its global debut on September 8 2014.

The clip itself doesn’t seem to contain anything significant in terms of technical information but just in case you need to get up to speed on what is being featured on the car, here are some details for you. The chassis will feature an all-new aluminium-heavy construction while riding on Jaguar’s new “Integral Link” rear suspension set-up. Under the hood, specifications are still rather sketchy but what we know is that the XE will feature the new “Ingenium” engine line-up, developed to fit various future models on both Land Rover and Jaguar.

As for the interior, the main attraction would be the company’s new infotainment system, called “InControl”. The system is said to enable quicker and easier access for the driver to control most on-board functions. It will feature a new eight-inch touch-screen interface along with an industry-pioneering laser head-up display that promises to project more vivid, sharper images on the windscreen.

When production begins, the car will be assembled at Land Rover’s Solihull plant on a new purpose-built assembly line.