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Jaguar Design Director Ian Callum was recently involved in a project with Classic Motor Cars (CMC) that saw the famed designer apply his own personal twist on the classic Jaguar Mark 2. The project started off as a personal one for Callum, with the car being redesigned for his own personal use. Engineers at CMC were then called upon to engineer the car, which comes with a raft of aesthetic and technical upgrades to make it easier to live with on a daily basis.

The car may be simple in appearance but a raft of performance enhancements ensure that the car isn’t lacking when it comes to providing the thrills. Technical specifications include an uprated XK 4.3 litre inline six-cylinder engine producing in the region of 260 hp and 380 Nm of torque at 5000 rpm.

Transmission is a 5-speed manual while the suspension is a CMC-developed set up with independent rear suspension featuring adjustable dampers and uprated coil springs. Brakes are vented 320 millimetres discs in front coupled to a fully floating single pot caliper while the rear discs are solid 280 millimetres with single pot calipers as well.

The wheels feature a wire-spoke split rim design, measuring 17 inches in diameter, topped off with Jaguar wheel spinners for the full effect. The front wheels measure in at 205/55/17 with the rears coming in at 225/50/17.

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Inside, the car receives a major overhaul and now comes with plenty of modern conveniences to further broaden its everyday-car appeal. The interior is now trimmed in a combination of premium Scottish leather and Alcantara with modern heating and ventilation functions.

As for in-car entertainment, a Clarion-sourced single DIN multimedia system with a flip-out touch screen and DVD, Bluetooth, iPhone and iPod connectivity was chosen. The car even features a rear view camera.

The car itself took 18 months to go from concept to finished article. Following its public unveiling, global response was beyond positive and as a result, CMC has decided to the car into limited production. The number of units CMC plans to build has yet to be confirmed.

It would seem like Jaguars of old are making a comeback lately with the company itself officially announcing the return of the Lightweight E-Type not too long ago.

CMC Jaguar Mark 2

Jaguar Lightweight E-Type