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Clarion Malaysia, the people behind the Mirage Android-based OEM car stereo system, has officially unveiled an all-new model called the AX1.

The AX1, which stands for “Android Experience 1,” is a touch-screen two-DIN system which runs on the Android 2.3.7 Gingerbread operating system. It’s powered by an ARM Cortex 800MHz processor with 1GB of RAM, and features a 6.5-inch WVGA TFT LCD capacitive display.

The unit also has a built-in 24-watt four-channel digital amplifier, a six-channel RCA output, a rear view camera input and a HDMI video output. Also on the list is an image viewer and 1080P full-HD video playback capability. You can view and play all these, as well as music, via the built-in SD card slot or from the two USB outlets available.

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You can also connect your iPod and iPhone for video and audio playback while charging your device at the same time. The system also supports Bluetooth connectivity, which enables you to enjoy hands-free communication, apart from streaming audio and video.

The AX1 is also Internet capable via tethering, which opens doors to a host of features such as browsing, watching YouTube, sending and replying emails and more.

For those who fully rely on a GPS for their daily drives, you’ll be pleased to know that the AX1 also comes with an in-built GPS system, complete with Malaysian maps through an app called iGO.

Just like any Android-based device, the AX1 will allow you to perform app downloads and upgrades over the air, in this case through tethering from your mobile device. Of course, not all apps can be used in the AX1, as they would have to be approved first, considering it’s an in-car unit. Playing Angry Birds while driving would be quite a scary sight :)

The AX1 is now on sale exclusively via the online music store, which has up to 22 million song titles in its inventory. The unit is available for five Asian markets at the moment, and these are Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia and India. Deliveries of the first retail units are expected to commence in November.

At the launch, Clarion Malaysia also announced that the first 3,000 units of the AX1 will carry a special introductory price tag of RM1,599, while the expected recommend retail price is eventually set to hover around the US$725 mark, which translates to about RM2,385.